Digital Photography Just the StepsTM For Dummies®

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Love taking pictures with your digital camera? Want to improve yourskills, but don’t have a lot of time to spend? How about somestraight-to-the-point tips that cut to the chase and show you stepby step how to accomplish a task? If that sounds like just what youhad in mind, Digital Photography Just The Steps For Dummies,2nd Edition is exactly what you need.

This handy, full-color guide breaks down the most importanttasks into simple two-page, illustrated instructions. You choosewhat you want to do, flip to the right page, follow theinstructions, and voilà! A new skill is yours!

Digital Photography Just The Steps For Dummies,2nd Edition covers important tasks from choosing acamera to printing your photos or turning them into slideshows orgalleries. You’ll be able to:

Select and use various lensesTake advantage of your metersUse tripods, screens, and scrims when shootingWork with depth of fieldShoot and process Camera Raw imagesDownload and organize your picturesUnderstand and use color profilesEdit in the “quick fix” modeRestore a vintage photoCreate an online photo gallery, greeting cards, calendars, orCD jackets

More than 170 digital photography tasks are presented in thiseasy-to-use, full-color reference. Grab a copy and find out howmuch more fun you can have with your digital camera!

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